This initial session will gather 14 professors and 26 students from the seven European partner institutions in Agriculture and Life Sciences. The 2-week intensive program includes seminars, projects, field visits and international group work in cooperation with our industrial partners. The session will be followed by a discovery internship period in companies of the agricultural sector.

This year, the program welcomes teams of professors and students from our partner universities in Sweden, Finland, Greece, France, Belgium and Portugal.
Above all, we want to send a very special thanks to Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences for hosting the first of our intensive courses!
First, the students began by presenting their preparatory projects, completed in groups over the last few months.


The following days will consist of courses on:

  • Soil Sensors, given by Prof. Johanna Wetterlind (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU)
  • Crop and Weather Sensors, given by Prof. Avraam Mavridis (Perrotis College)
  • A field visit to Lanna, covering Sensors Technology and Geomatics, led by Prof. Wetterlind, Prof. Bo Stenberg (SLU), Prof. Mavridis and Prof. Naina Andriamandroso (ISA).
  • Geomatics, given by Prof. Mavridis
  • Geostatistics, Practical Work, Spatial Analysis and Management Zone Delineation, Basics on Crop Modeling, all given by Prof. Gilles Colinet (Gembloux AgroBioTech)
  • Crop Modeling: Use of Model for Spatial Management, given by Profs. Colinet and Andriamandroso
  • Geomatics: Case of Portugal, given by Prof. José Aranha (UTAD)
  • Automation and Mechanics: Results and Controllers, given by Prof Mikko Hakojärvi (University of Helsinki)
  • Robotics in Farming, given by Prof. Pal Johan, (NMBU)


Then, our partners from Sweden, Finland, and Greece will each present the state of Sensors Technology in their home country, giving students an in-depth look at alternative set-ups and practices. Students will also participate in a conference: Implementation of Precision Agriculture in Sweden Today with presentations by local companies and stakeholders:

Finally, we’ll wrap up the week with practical group work, with presentations discussions in order to consolidate the knowledge and skills learned throughout the courses.