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To close out the last three years of cooperation between the Erasmus Plus KA2 Smart Farming partner universities, ISA Lille is hosting the project's final symposium on October 20, 2020.

To close out the last three years of cooperation between the Erasmus Plus KA2 Smart Farming partner universities, ISA Lille is hosting the project’s final symposium on  October 20, 2020.

Naturally the health and safety of attendees is the first consideration, so the program will be streamed online live for anyone limited from participating by health concerns or travel restrictions.

So wherever you are: join us  for this special occasion where all participants and partners will have the chance to see the fruit of our labor!

Conference Programme

The conference will include special addresses from ISA Lille management and staff to outline the origins of the project and summarize the results and impact of transnational cooperation. In addition, faculty from ISA Lille’s Agricultural Science department will present ongoing and upcoming research, projects, and cooperation opportunities.

ISA Lille will also provide an introduction to the agricultural technology entrepreneurial sector in the Northern France. Guest speakers from local precision agricultural companies and project leaders will present the richness of this sector. A highlight is certainly the startup incubation available at Euratechnologies business cluster.

Giving students opportunities to gain professional experience has been an essential part of this project since the beginning. Thus student participants from each partner university will share their experience (either live or through video). What’s more, PhD students from each partner university will present their research projects in a special Discover my Thesis challenge. Inviting students to participate in this international symposium will introduce another aspect of what they will experience in their careers as international agricultural engineers.

Morning Agenda

9am – Welcome Address

Thierry Occre, Director General of Junia (formerly Yncréa Hauts-de-France)

9:15 am – Overview of 3 Years of Fruitful European Collaboration

B.Vandoorne, F. Malaise, H. Andriamandroso, L. Lourme, “Smart Farming” Coordination Team

9:45 am – Lived Experience from Participating Students

Lilas Allard (Euratechonologies), Maxence Rivenent (MyEasyFarm), Arthur Lenoir and Christopher Deletsa (Junia ISA Lille)

11 am – Online Round Table – “Smart Farming”: A New Era for Agriculture?

Lecturers and Researchers from the 7 Smart Farming partner universities

11:45 am – After “Smart Farming”: What’s Next? 

Herinaina A.L. Andriamandroso and Louis Lourme (Junia ISA Lille)

Afternoon Agenda

2:30 pm – Highlight “Smart Farming” in Hauts-de-France by AgTech of Euratechnologies

  • Introduction: How AgTech is Changing the World – Matthieu Barlet (start-up manager of AgTech Euratechnologies)
  • SENCROP as Pioneer of AgTech World – Michael Bruniaux (CEO, Sencrop)
  • SAMSYS: Why is the Pooling of AgTech Solutions a Challenge for Agriculture? – Olivier Guille (CEO, SamSys)
  • MES PETITES FEUILLES: How Does AgTech Come to the Supermarket? – Jeremie Delbart (CEO, Mes Petites Feuilles)
  • OSIRIS: Why Agricultural Robots are one of the Preferred Solutions – Rodolphe Cockenpot (project holder, Osiris)
  • BIOTEOS, the Convergence of AgTech and GreenTech: How Does the Plant World Come TOgether to Clean Up Our Environment? – Romain Baheux and Romain Dhenin (project holders, Bioteos)

4:15 pm – Discover my PhD project in Smart Farming:

  • The Effect of Different Conditions on Multispectral Images Taken with a Drone – Mikael Änänkkälä ( Helsingin Yliopisto, Finland)
  • Proximal and Remote Sensing for Crop Phenotyping – Alexis Carlier (Université of Liège, Gembloux AgroBio Tech, Belgium)
  • Dynamic Management of Wheat Nitrogen Fertilization by Remote Sensing – Marie-Astrid Bouchard (Junia ISA Lille, France)
  • Digital Soil Mapping of Trace Elements as Decision Support for Crop Production – Karl Adler (Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet – SLU, Sweden)

5:20 pm – Closing Speech

Herinaina A.L. Andriamandroso and Louis Lourme (Junia ISA Lille, France)

Between transnational meetings, countless hours on video calls, three intensive programs (including one completed online!), developing online courses in a range of subjects, advising teams in transnational projects, and working closing with private and public administration partners, we can all agree: this project has been an enriching learning experience for everyone. Join us to celebrate the success achieved and lessons learned!

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